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Enter if you want to raid together ; lets bring back this awesome game. I would like to contribute to the evolution of the game, with development, correction and improvement of the game.

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Dalt Wizney Collaborative project. Batman Investigator Character. Culinary Alchemist Character. Batman Monster Character.

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Cursed Pirate Character. My favourite is the story of Guyal of Sfere, a man with a "void in his mind" which means he can't stop asking questions, and his journey to find the Curator, knower of all things.

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The Dying Earth is followed by two books about Cugel the Clever. In the first, The Eyes of the Overworld, Cugel makes the mistake of burgling the home of the magician Iucounu, only to be caught in the act — "do not strain, as Thief-taker is woven of wasp-legs" — and sent in reparation to steal a "violet hemisphere" from the land of Cutz. It was that, or have the Charm of Forlorn Encystment, "which constricts the subject in a pore some forty-five miles below the surface of the earth", applied; Iucounu makes sure he'll keep his promises by wrapping the small white alien Firx around Cugel's liver.

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What follows is a lengthy peripatetic tale of adventures for the hapless Cugel; he might call himself Cugel the Clever, but he is tricked into being a watchman on a pedestal hundreds of feet above the ground, he eats a strange glowing object which turns out to encompass totality … he's basically utterly immoral, largely hopeless and hugely entertaining. His adventures are continued in Cugel's Saga, and in the fourth novel in the sequence, Rhialto the Marvellous — set "toward the middle of the 21st Aeon", a group of magicians embark on various adventures.

All is recounted in Vance's wonderful, unique prose. Is it possible to be both deadpan and flowery at the same time?

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I think he pulls this off, to hilarious effect. Cugel, after ditching a former princess into the hands of a brigand it was his own hopelessness which led to her losing her kingdom , justifies himself angrily. I am rationality personified; it is unthinking to suggest otherwise.

There are remnants of ancient civilisations: floating roads and air-cars. There are horrific images galore: a pyramid of screaming flesh half a thousand feet high. And so, so much of these stories can be seen in the work of later authors.

In the Land of Time, and Other Fantasy Tales

Mazirian's garden of nightmarish plants "'K-k-k-k-k-k-k,' spoke the plant. Mazirian stooped, held the rodent to the red mouth. The mouth sucked, the small body slid into the stomach-bladder underground. The plant gurgled, eructated, and Mazirian watched with satisfaction.